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System Administration and Software Development Club

About Us

The System Administration and Software Development Club (SAD) is a student organization at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County that provides a space on campus for students who share a common interest in programming, computer hardware, computer networks, and modern software development.

SAD aims to unite students with a wide range of computer skills and provide them with knowledge and resources to build computer systems, creating a welcoming environment that encourages year-round collaboration.

We hold weekly meetings in a hybrid format (online and in-person) from the ILSB where our members may hold talks, participate in workshops, and collaborate together on club projects. We also provide a Linux server environment for members to practice their skills in virtualization, networking, security, identity management technology, and web development.

More Information

We invite the students of UMBC to learn more about the infrastructure that continually builds today's cyber space.

All Levels Welcome

Whether you're brand new to the world of SysAd or run servers of your own, we strive to be inclusive of all experience levels.

Community-Focused Content

Every meeting topic is voted upon and presented by our members. Have a topic of your own? Take the podium and show everyone what you find interesting!

24/7 SAD

Our Discord server is home to lots of great discussion and regular activity. Join us at https://discord.gg/8TbQFaUpPf

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Brought to you by our Members


SADNET provides an always-on, remotely-accessible hypervisor environment for students seeking to learn Linux server administration.


Bonfire is a work-in-progress mobile app that aims to connect UMBC students and revolutionize social media as a whole.


Self-hosted on our servers, the aim of this website is to provide learning materials from meetings and showcase member-created projects.

Members, looking for our documentation and how-tos?